Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger (Micro USB) review

Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger (Micro USB) review

Need an extra charger for your Android smartphone or accessory and want to help save the world in the process?  Consider Bracketron’s new Mushroom GreenZero chargers and the peace of mind that comes with “doing your part”.  We’ve spent some time playing with these around the office and think they’re a pretty nifty package at a decent price.

What’s in the box?

  • Mushroom GreenZero Travel Charger with embedded microUSB cord

This guy weighs less than a pound and folds/wraps up to the size of a racquetball and comes in a green and white design.  Looking very “Android”, the Mushroom Charger is much like a standard charger and has a wall outlet plug and microUSB.  Where it’s better than the stock stuff is that it can be wrapped up and snapped away to pack in a backpack, purse, or bag.  Forget losing the cord, the wall plug, or both – it’s an all-in-one package.

Users can plug in a phone or accessory and start charging with the press of the “mushroom” button, with your hand or foot.  It took us a few times to get used to this as we’re accustomed to plugging in and walking away.  However, once we were familiar with it, the extra step was not a nuisance at all

AS to why this guy is so eco-friendly, it’s simple: Once your device is fully charged or unplugged, the charger automatically shuts off to save energy.  There’s no worry of trickling out nickels and pennies of electric for no apparent reason.

When you are ready to take the charger with you, simply roll the cord up around the charger and use one of the rubber chads to hold it into place.  The wall plug snaps in and creates a flush bottom so there’s no accidental poking or tearing of items in your bag.

Although we only tested the microUSB design, Bracketron offers two other models – a 30 pin Apple connector, and a USB plug for nearly everything else.  If you’ve got a handful of Android devices in the house, we say go with the microUSB, but the USB model does open the door to other items such as Nintendo DS, digital camera, etc.

What we liked

  • All-in-one design keeps us from losing something important
  • We love doing our part to leave a small footprint
  • Android fans will love the green and white color scheme

What we didn’t love

  • Not super easy to justify spending double a normal wall charger
  • Have to get used to activating the charger with the mushroom button

Where to buy the Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger (Micro USB)

You can pick one of these up directly from the manufacturer for about $29.95 if you’re so inclined.  There are also a number of retail partners who offer Bracketron products, some of which include Best Buy, Amazon, Staples, and Target.

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