March 27, 2015

HTC might get the iPhone and iPad banned in the US?


Apple is gearing up to launch the next “not-so-revolutionary” device known as iPhone 5 in the upcoming days, and we know that Apple is not in a good relationship with Samsung and HTC. Well, after all the “lawsuit-games” played by Apple, it’s time for Apple to taste their own medicine.

According to a US judge, Apple may have trouble invalidating two patents held by HTC, related to data transmission. Actually the patents are critical to 4G LTE technology, and it could lead to a ban on the new iPad and the iPhone.

HTC purchased the 4G patents back in 2011, for a big amount of 75 million dollars, however HTC can easily go after Apple for a billion dollars now, if everything works according to the plan. Also the judge told Apple’s lawyer Michael McKeon “I don’t care if they bought these patents to sue you or not. They are a property right “, so someone is in a big trouble.

If the iPhone 5 is launched with LTE connectivity, I am sure they will be facing a big problem from HTC. The war between both giants are on from last two years, and this might be the chance when HTC can take the lead for Android. Let’s sit back, relax, and wait for the iPhone 5.

Folks, tell us what are your thoughts about this, do you think Android can finally take down Apple in the lawsuit war? Tell us in the comment box below.

Source: Bloomberg

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  1. Dave Sorenson

    I will sit here with my Nexus 7, my iPhone and my One X (if it ever gets here) and watch them spill each others blood. No way either side gains final victory or suffers final defeat as a result of a lawsuit.

  2. Andy_in_Indy

    Its unlikely that core technology like that will get a phone banned. FRAND licensing would likely apply, but it is good to see other phone developers picking up “prior art” patents specifically to use against Apple’s legal tactics. With Apple and Microsoft making their patent cross licensing deal, it will be more important than ever to have a way to either break that up or get in on it.

    • vikings football

      FRAND OR NOT, according to reports that the judge seemed to back the validaty of htc’s 4g lte related patent, i dont see how apple can get by without a ban or a billion $ settlement…and this is just with htc…and samsung will be knocking on the same 4g lte door too

      • mintslice

        Just because it’s used a lot doesn’t make it FRAND. You don’t need 4G to make a functioning phone so there’s no reason why it would need to fall in the FRAND category.

  3. hldc1

    Apple has already patented HTC’s patents, as well as HTC. I’m pretty sure Apple also invented Al Gore, who in turn invented the internet. Apple is patenting the patent to gain control over everything. Every. Single. Thing. Everywhere. Anything. Everything.

  4. Benjamin Kenon

    This is the dumbest article ever. Massive corporations sue each other all the time. This is such a mundane news story, on par with “Thirsty Man Drinks Water”. What is missing from your life that you take this corporate bs personally? Like iPhone? Buy it. Hate Apple? Buy something else. WHO CARES?

  5. Greg

    Can you please get somebody to edit Asad Rafi’s articles before posting them? They’re painful to read. This one was especially bad.

    • vikings football

      dirty koreans? the big asian corporations own the tech world…and the u.s. is usually the last to get the latest tech gadget…

    • thechoroid

      These (dirty) Koreans as you state make so many things that you wear and use in daily life. Doesn’t that make you as dirty as they are? Be fair and life will treat you with fairness


    Ppl saying FRAND will apply & nothing will be done, sorry but 4G is not the standard & is just beginning to really spread. Glad to see HTC will hopefully be getting the money Samsung has to dish out to crApple as HTC is supposedly having some financial problems & behind Samsung HTC is the best Android device maker. Ive never had an HTC but there is no arguing that they make a really nice device. They always seem to be just shy of making an incredible device though with falling short always with one aspect of the devices specs. -KID ANDROID

    • mintslice

      Don’t forget that Samsung is reported to own about 15% of the 4G patents too. They might just get their own back without needing HTC’s help.

  7. kdog

    TBH, Douchebaggery is douchebaggery. I don’t care if it is HTC or Apple, this lawsuit stuff is bad for competition and is an abuse of the legal/patent system. The consumers end up losing out in the end. It’s a waste of time and resources. Just try to win by making better products instead of all this BS.

  8. Vodoochile

    Apple ‘see big mistake was to start this loop instead of playing on innovative features to build real revolutionary products. Iphone is no longer a revolution and trial is a tentative to mask the loss of vision with the death of Steve Jobs.

  9. Jim Rogers

    This has gotten out of hand and has to stop. These companies need to get back in the phone business. In the long haul this will hurt all of us.

  10. Justin

    Apple has changed my life – Single handedly bombing every other phone option out of the market with a single pounce. Thats it!

  11. Dustin

    Haha.. Gotta love what the judge said! Oh man, I can NOT wait! Not to mention what does Samsung have in store for Apple? So funny how Apple attempted to settle with Google the other day via conference call and got shot down something fierce. Done, and done.

  12. Major_Pita

    Maybe if somebody puts a knife to Apple’s throat they will see reason and consider certain in-dispute design patents a form of FRAN or open-use. That is, if faced with an import ban that sticks as the alternative.

  13. neal.caffery

    Well.. you know. Until last months Results on Apple vs. Samsung Lawsuit, I adored Steve Jobs, not iPhone though.

    iPhone is seriously Dumb now… may be the First one was Revolutionary.. not the successors.

    iPhone has got a Brand Name Backup in US. What is the Status in Asian (which is the largest market for Smart Phones) ?

    Apple is a company whose start-off is from a Stole Idea..(Apple fans read this as Bought) form Xerox. What do they expect from rest of the manufacturers?

    Lets say Samsung has violated the patents that Apple says.. what does that have anything to do with how does Samsung Phone looks like.. or Rectangles are yours? are you dumb?

    Samsung is a Brave Patron who has been able to Market their products in Apple’s garden and they were/are and gonna emerge as Best Competitors for Apple products.

    What is wrong with Competition?

    Apple has lost its grip over market and they should learn things form this experience.

    What Apple is trying to do is “End All Competition” and we are the only providers.

    This will lead to Monopoly and that is the only reason Apple wants HTC/Samsung (read this as Android) banned.

    Well this is not how Fair Business is done..

    Google Maps replaced ? Do you have talent to build technology as good as Google?.. Results are out.. Apple iOS Map application has BUGS…

    If yes, well Search Engine market is still Open for you.. can you do that?

    Can you be as successful as Google. Never never… cause these days.. nobody sells off their Ideas.. You might think of buying somebody.. still you will need to hire ex-googlers to make is work. :)

    HTC has to pin down Apple on this and should lead Android in this war.. Yes war.. Cause Steve Jobs mentioned it so.. Right folks ?


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