Toys”R”Us Tabeo makes a debut, a tablet for kids


Earlier this year, Oregon officially launched a tablet designed especially for kids and now big brands like Toys’R’Us are following their footsteps. Of course you don’t want your little kids to handle your expensive Xperia Tablet S, because there are a lot of chances they might drop it and break it, so that’s why, Toys’R’Us officially announced the Tabeo, an Android tablet just for $150.

Though it’s for children but it’s good enough for adults as well. Anyway, it comes with a 7-inch display, it’s powered by a 1GHz processor, 4 GB of flash memory, a microSD card slot, 1 GB of RAM and Android 4.0, which is good enough for kids. It comes with pre-installed 50 applications, including both games and other different application for kids.

“Over the past year, we’ve spent considerable time talking to parents and children to determine what features and functions they really want in a kids’ tablet, resulting in tabeo. We are proud that tabeo offers robust and flexible parental controls that can help protect children as they surf the Internet,” said Toys R Us VP Troy Peterson.

Well, it’s becoming really common nowadays: all big US retailers are jumping in the tablet business, like Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and now Toys”R”Us; though their products are only kids-centered. It’s available for pre-order right now, though you can grab it from your nearby store on October 21.

Are you planning to grab this tablet for your little kiddos? Tell us about it in the comment box below.

Source: PRNewswire


  1. For $10 more, you can get a Kindle Fire 2 or for $50 more you can get a Nexus 7 or even the Nabi 2. Both the Nexus 7 and the Nabi 2 have higher resolution screens, (at least) double the storage and 4x the CPU cores. Plus they don’t have a proprietary app store like this pointless piece of brand leveraging called a tablet – even the Amazon app store is better than this app store. And the Nabi is even built for kids and is padded so it can be handled with little risk of damage by the gadget-destroying monsters that live within most children.