Poll: Are you thinking of switching to iPhone 5?

    As you all know by now, Apple is expected to announce the next generation of their iPhone smartphone tomorrow, September 12.  The rumors for this handset have been all over the place and the leaks seem to come by the minute.  That said, we’re pretty sure of what might be unveiled.  So, this got us to wondering…

    Knowing what you know now, and factoring in what you expect out of Apple, would you consider switching to the iPhone 5?  We’ve got a quick and dirty poll below with four options to choose from.  Don’t like what you see here?  Use the write-in option.  In fact, we encourage you to get loud – on either side of the argument.

    Once you leave your mark, head to the comment section and tell us why or why not.  Is it because Apple is going with a larger screen?  Or, maybe you are sticking around because Android is far too polished and advanced to consider making the jump.  Whatever the case, we wanna hear it.

    • Young_Jogger

      Not sure why I would want to switch from my current device to one with LESS memory, MORE money, LESS screen space, and FEWER carrier choices.

      • i agree, a 4″ device is pretty small to me. I’m a;ready used to my 4.8″ galaxy s3 with especially 2 gigs of memory, plus I’m running jellybean on it, way more advanced than ios will be

    • htowngtr

      I would consider switching if the phone were something worthwhile, not just another 4S in a bigger body. It is exactly the same phone with extra row of icons due to slightly taller design.

    • banjoonmyknee

      No. Why would I want to go backward?

    • Campy007

      I don’t like North Korea either…

    • nmw407

      No, never. I don’t care for the iPhone at all. I like knowing that my phone is MY phone, that I can do what I want with it. I like the ability to customize my phone the way I want it. I’ve already got my eye on the Galaxy S3 or the Galaxy Note 2 come upgrade time.

    • Andy_in_Indy

      Since Samsung, Motorola, and HTC now own patents for LTE and Samsung and HTC have already stated they will sue if the new iPhone has LTE, the new iPhone is in trouble before it starts. I don’t want a phone that will either be sued into non-existence or not have LTE.

    • Gil Maman

      asking this in an android forum doesn’t really reflect the public’s opinion
      but defiantly android!
      i don’t want that closed up peace of crap

      i could maybe live with windows 8 because it looks interesting

    • Ever since I purchased my GS3, I cant see myself going to another OS with a petite screen.

    • garak0410

      I’ve used iPhone4 (work issued), Android and Windows Phone 7 (current work issued phone). iPhone was dull and actually less intuitive for me to use. As much as I love the geeky power of Android, I often tire of the lockups on both my phone and tablets (and I run clean phone and tablet.) I am really considering Windows Phone 8 for my next personal phone. I am already invested with a Microsoft Shop at home and my work WP7 has NEVER crashed and is a joy to use (despite lack of popular apps.) Until then, however, rolling along with Android.

    • I honestly trip out when I read comments about Android locking up and freezing… This has happened to me maybe TWICE? In a period of 5 years? Even my ol’ faithful HTC Hero never did that to me… Oh,and those 2 screw ups were my fault. 😛

    • Perrin Alexander

      Whatever possessed you to ask such a question here.
      OK granted none of of currently know what the ifone 5 will bring.
      But I preferred my WM6 phone to the original ifone and every Android phone I have owned since to every ifone released.

      Not crapple bashing, but just never ever fancied owning a phone tethered to iTunes

    • Any news on the forthcoming Nexus device???…4G LTE is rolling out in the UK and I want another Nexus phone.

    • Joe

      The one reason I might switch is because of Google’s decision to thumb in the eye every Android user running an OS less than ICS to install Chrome. Google has given Chrome to iOS users but not to Android users running Gingerbread and below. If I’m not mistaken Chrome is a Google product (sarc). Thousands of users have Android devices that they cannot upgrade to ICS with, yet Chrome is backwards compatible with iPhone models that are just as old by virtue of the fact that Apple seamlessly upgrades its phones to the same OS. While Apple has significantly fewer phones to keep compatible in comparison to Android phones, the fact Google has allowed the carriers to keep models below ICS, and then decided to force Chrome to install only on ICS+ devices really pisses me off.