Sony details camera technology in Xperia V


Sony is pretty sure you’re going to like the camera technology that’s found in their new Xperia V smartphone.  Why?  Because it makes for a better image quality than in the past (less haze, parallax issues) as well as a thinner and lighter handset.  The tech is called “sensor-on-lens” and it essentially lets Sony remove an extra layer of glass from the camera.

With the sensor-on-lens touch technology, the phone is also made lighter and thinner, as an extra glass layer is removed (as needed in conventional handset stackups using a discrete touch sensor). This technology also moves the image plane closer to you as a user, which makes it feel like you are actually touching the image itself.

If you’d like to learn more about the sensor-on-lens technology, be sure to check out Sony’s blog.


  1. Dude it has nothing to do with the camera. Sensor-on-lens is about the touch screen and display technology and image quality on the display. It reduces one extra layer from the display, not from the camera. The word “lens” here is not related to the camera lens 🙂