Comparing the iPhone 5 to the Droid Razr Maxx HD

Comparing the iPhone 5 to the Droid Razr Maxx HD

Apple’s big, annual smartphone release, the iPhone 5, is out and ready for your consideration.  But, with so many other options available from Android manufacturers, should you look to Apple? Is the 4-inch display and 4G LTE version of what amounts to last year’s phone worth your money?

Here’s a quick head-head chart that breaks down the main hardware differences between the iPhone 5 and the Motorola Droid Razr HD.  Keep in mind that these devices are not sold strictly on the merit of hardware.  If that were the case, Android would own even higher market share.  No, consumers like to buy based on experience, features, and other intangibles.  To that end, Apple does quite well, however Android players are getting better all the time.

Battle of the 2012 smartphone



Apple iPhone 5 Motorola Droid Razr HD Maxx
OS  iOS6 Android 4.0
Display 4-inch 1136×640 4.7” 720p Super AMOLED HD
Processor A6 1.5 GHz dual-core
Memory 1GB RAM
Storage 32GB
Expandable Storage microSD 32GB
Camera (rear)  8.0-megapixel 8-megapixel
Camera (front)   front-facing 720p 1.3-megapixel
Data connectivity  3G CDMA, HSPA+, 4G LTE 4G LTE
Battery  ??

8hr talk/225 hr standby



Weight 112 grams 157 grams
Dimensions 7.6mm thick  67.9mm x 131.9mm x 9.3mm
Other  NFC
Price 16GB ($199)
32GB ($299)
64GB ($399)

16GB ($_)
32GB ($_)


Early Consensus

We noticed that Apple spent considerably more time speaking about the new camera features, overall design, and tweaks to existing tech.  Of particular note is the fact that Apple glossed over the battery talk quite quickly.  With 8hr talk time, 225 hour standby, it’s not anything today’s top Android’s are not capable of delivering.  Still, Apple has definitely pushed forward with some of the tech that goes into the camera, games, and general user experience.

Existing Apple users who own a bunch of accessories will be required to buy an adapter so that they can plug in the iPhone 5.  Existing Android users can hop from device to device without worry of whether it will offer microUSB.

Motorola has slowly transitioned away from a heavy MotoBlur experience to something more “stock” Android.  We applaud the new devices and the secret sauce that makes them more consumer-friendly but still see room for improvement.

The biggest gripe we hear from people who have recently jumped to Android or other smartphones after years of feature phone usage is the battery.   It’s hardly ever “I don’t care for Android or Windows Phone”.

Until last year and the Droid Razr Maxx, most Android devices were lumped together as a good-and-getting-better experience.  Various handset makers have tossed in some software enhancements and apps to manage battery more effectively, but nothing monumental has happened in the four years of Android handsets.  Until the Razr Maxx.  Now, with the Razr Maxx HD and its 3300mAh battery we’re talking about standby times that approaches weeks.  The common complaint of “my smartphone doesn’t last all day” is a thing of the past.

Which one is right for you?

If you are here because you were seriously considering switching from Android to Apple, chances are good you’ve already made your mind up.  Having said that, the iPhone 5 is not the monumental step forward that tech-savvy folks might expect.  General users, however, will like the idea of a bigger display and faster data connection, even if it’s something Android users have enjoyed since 2010.

NOTE: Because of similarity, portions of this comparison were pulled from other posts.

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  1. seven2k
    September 12, 12:58 Reply

    this is so true. They just opened the door for people to switch.

  2. mtnbikesteve
    September 12, 15:11 Reply

    I’ve been using an Android phone for the last 3 yrs and I’ll be switching to the iPhone 5. I currently have an Motorola Bionic that I have to switch the 4g off just to make it through most of a day without having to charge it. It looks like the iPhone 5 should have a reasonable battery life. I’m also sick of getting stuck with the old Android operating systems. I like that when Apple updates the OS every device gets it. I was temped by the Motorola Razr HD Maxx, it looks like a step up for the Android phones.

    • stevo4756
      September 12, 16:34 Reply

      You are way off on this one, the use of LTE on the new IPHONE will drain it quickly. The Little 8 hours of talk time is nothing compared to the Newer android phones (RAZR MAXX HD features 21 HOURS of talk time- nearly 3 times that of the new IPHONE 5). The new Razr MAXX HD will EASILY DOUBLE the usage you get out of one charge on the Iphone 5… Remember, the Iphone 5 will have 4g LTE ( drains the battery all the same whether it is Android / Apple / Windows phone ), so be prepared to drain that puny battery they put in there. Oh and dont forget, like every other apple product before, you CANNOT change out the battery without sending it to APPLE for service.
      Also, Apple updates their operating system about as often as Android does. Many android handsets are delayed when it comes to getting the updates; but with the merger between GOOGLE and MOTOROLLA you should now expect first access to updates if you have a motorola device. If not, expect to wait every year for major OS overhauls ; the same as APPLE!
      I’ll stick with my X2 untill the RAZR HD, or RAZR MAXX HD comes out. (I might just get the S3 because I’m tired of waiting for the next best thing ; which I thought would have been the Iphone 5 (OH BOY WAS I WRONG!)… What a waste of time … )

      • TLS
        November 15, 10:37 Reply

        Oh get over yourself little FanDroid! You know squat about the iPhone 5’s LTE battery life. I have the 5 and my battery lasts all day on LTE. My friend has the RAZR MAXX and guess what, her’s barely makes it through half of the day. Please converse about phones you have actually dealt with, and not what you “think” will happen because you do not completely understand the specs you are talking about.

  3. Randy
    September 12, 18:51 Reply

    First, just for background, I bought a Razr Maxx on Jan 26 and use it as my one and only phone. Also, I’ve never owned or really wanted an iPhone. That being said, I think comparisons like the table above don’t begin to tell the whole story. For example, I loved my Maxx until the very buggy ICS update on June 30, but now it’s a completely different story. Battery run time is considerably less, setting alarms by voice command (which I used frequently while driving) no longer works, I can no longer watch the daily financial market update videos on an expensive subscription website, the voice on the native turn-by-turn navigation is now silent most of the time (but not always), and the list goes on.
    I have spent MANY hours with Verizon and Moto tech support, and the people usually try hard, but the results are nearly worthless. Just recently they just acknowledged that the issue with the alarm being set by voice command is “on the list” but a month ago they sent me a replacement phone to address it (which did no good). The replacement phone has a bezel that doesn’t fit properly so now it sounds like a cricket every time I pick up the phone (squeak when i grip the phone edge due to bezel not fitting properly). I have followed all their requests, done factory resets, etc, but nothing helps. They all say they cannot return my phone to Gingerbread (which would be much better for now), or give me any idea when these issues will be resolved.
    I thoroughly tested these features during the initial return period to make sure the phone met my needs, and now some important functions for my use no longer work. They offer no help, no compensation, and no solutions. I wish this was a car — they would be forced to buy it back under the “lemon law.”
    Apple is far from perfect, and I’ve generally avoided buying their products because I don’t like their heavy-handed way of controlling things. But frankly, I’m beginning to think this situation I’m facing is even worse. If the first few weeks of iPhone 5 use don’t turn up any serious problems, this stinking Maxx may well end up on eBay before long. Trying to compare phones by comparing things like CPU clock speed and camera megapixels is nearly meaningless compared to the overall quality, usability, and “bugginess,” which is hard to put in a simple chart.

  4. sunny
    September 13, 01:32 Reply

    i have samsung s2 HD LTE … same processor .. same ram .. same specs except the battery power … whats the big thing?

  5. Bill Hale
    September 13, 05:34 Reply

    I’m waiting patiently for the HD Maxx to be released. That’s one thing you forgot to mention in your comparison. the Iphone 5 is actually available and the HD Maxx is not.

  6. Jago Seo
    December 21, 04:41 Reply

    The last iphone i have been used is Iphone 3gs and I move to android smartphone and never look back to iphone anymore.

    Jasa Seo

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