This Day in Android: LG announces first Android handset (2009)

    Can you believe that it was three years ago today that LG announced their first Android-based smartphone, the LG-GW620? Seems like only yesterday (single tear from cheek). For reasons unknown, the handset didn’t even have a catchy name, just the strange model number.  Nevertheless, it was LG’s way of saying ‘Hello’ to Android.

    Hardware-wise, LG told us that the GW620 would feature a sliding QWERTY keyboard and a 3.0-inch display, but beyond that everything else was still unclear.  Said to be aimed the younger generation, the handset was, at the time, rumored to have a 5.0-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and microUSB.  Yeah, not much, but that’s where things were at back then. To LG’s credit, the phone was tapped with an availability and launch of “…fourth quarter of this year in select European markets.”

    The LG-GW620 will appeal to first-time smartphone customers by offering a new and different kind of user experience. Our objective is to provide a wide selection of smartphones to satisfy the diverse preferences of today’s consumers. This Android phone is just one of many smartphone models we plan to introduce worldwide in the years ahead.

    We later learned that the “Eve” would come with a 528MHz processor, 150MB RAM, microSD expansion, and a 1500mAh battery.  Powered by Android 1.5 Cupcake, the LG smartphone would receive its last official Android build 2.2 Froyo some months later.  Rogers became the first carrier in North America to offer the GW620, selling it for $49.99 with a 3-year voice/data agreement.

    Where are they now?

    Obviously, LG is still in the game, and is continuing to pump out Android devices.  After toiling around the entry-level for a while with the Optimus One, LG got pretty serious and has become a leader in the smartphone game.  One only needs to look at the Optimus 2X, Optimus 4X HD, and the recent Optimus G for an idea as to some of the industry firsts and powerful devices that litter the resume.


    Did you or someone you know happen to purchase an LG GW620?  What did you think of the device?

    • JackBlack

      was my 1st android phone.. really satisfied with it, great HW and sw quality, my young brother still use it

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    • Jim

      This was my wife’s first android phone, it was absolute garbage on Rogers. Couldn’t even make a phone call without crashing, screen was unresponsive, etc. The build quality of the phone was decent though, except for the resistive touch screen.

    • It had more crashes and freezes than my actual sgs2 with beta kennels. At some point the resistive screen become descalibrated so most part of times I had to use three arrows on the keyboard to select things. As far as I know LG updated there Korean version but never ours. experience with this phone taught me not to buy again anything from LG.