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AT&T Announces Motorola Atrix 2

Holy cow!  It’s just after midnight on the east coast and we’re on the eve of CTIA Fall 2011, so you know what that means… Press releases galore!  AT&T, going

News and Rumors

Moto Maker expected to soon expand to top carriers

The build-your-own Moto X smartphone experience is expected to break away from AT&T exclusivity any day now. As some may remember, we learned a few months ago that November would

News and Rumors

AT&T announces $249.99 LG Nitro HD for December 4

  AT&T has announced their next Android smartphone today, putting the 4G LTE-ready LG Nitro HD on sale this coming Sunday.  Available online and in-store on December 4th, the Android


  1. Brian Knapp
    September 13, 09:53 Reply

    Thanks for this, I needed a laugh this morning!

  2. Guags
    September 13, 10:41 Reply

    Classic! And I’m not surprised at all. We Android geeks are no better. Every ROM that gets released the first people to post say how much faster it is….which usually its not. Except JB, which rules!

  3. Andy
    September 13, 10:42 Reply

    The interesting statistic every time a new iPhone goes on sale is always how many are replacing an old iPhone. Those sales are fantastic for Apple’s position on Wall Street, but not so useful when the next survey of iPhone vs Android user share comes out.

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