Get your puzzle and time management fix with Legends of Atlantis: Exodus

Big fan of time management games and titles that make you put on a thinking cap?  You’d probably enjoy the recently released game Legends of Atlantis: Exodus.  Featuring more than 50 different levels with achievements, power-ups, and other bonuses, the game is equal parts strategy and hidden objects.  Available in a standard version and an HD client, Legends of Atlantis: Exodus puts players in the role of the champion of the last Queen of Atlantis.  It’s up to you to save the kingdom before the tidal waves come in and ruin everything.

[download_link link=”” variation=”hotpink” target=”blank”]Legends of Atlantis: Exodus (HD)[/download_link]

[download_link link=”” variation=”mossgreen” target=”blank”]Legends of Atlantis: Exodus[/download_link]