April 1, 2015

Verizon's HTC phablet called DIx, features 480ppi display


OK guys and gals, here’s something awesome to consider over this weekend.  You know that rumored 5-inch HTC phone/tablet device?  The one said to offer a 1080p HD display?  Yeah, it’s real.  Our friends over at HTC Source have been able to confirm that the handset is legit and it’s called the DIx.

As you no doubt saw in the headline, this beast is going to feature a 5-inch 1080p HD display with a downright ridiculous 480 pixels per inch.  The tipster advises that this will likely be marketed under the Droid Incredible branding, and considering HTC is the handset maker, we are inclined to agree.  Note the red and black color scheme and the fact that DIx sounds like it could be Droid Incredible X.

Other specifications and features confirmed by the source include a quad-core Snapdragon S4, 1.5GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, and a second notification LED (calls/missed alerts/charging) on the rear of the handset.

It’s not all unicorns and double rainbows though as the HTC Source insider tells us that HTC is opting to forgo microSD expansion and removable battery.  The source was also unable to get the Scribe digital stylus from the Flyer to work with the DIx and posits that the phone won’t even offer that sort of support.  Surely a buzzkill to some of you, it’s not the worst thing we’ve seen.

Now, we have to ask, who wants one of these?  How much would you pay for it?

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  1. skinnyleg

    Needs a 3300mAh battery or its gonna suffer bad sales, when will htc realise that their crap batteries piss us all off !

  2. bossmonkey

    they keep shooting theirselves in the foot with no microsd. They would have sold a ton more OneX units if they had microsd. For a company going out of business you would think they would make better decisions.

    • artbygriff

      someone really didn’t think that out. I may have to get this over the GN2 just so i can say “hey, wanna see my dix?”

  3. rekem

    Still no microsSD or removable battery? Amazing. I bought my OG Evo because it had every feature I could have ever dreamed of at the time. That’s why it was such a huge hit. This isn’t IOS, HTC. In Android land you please the hardcore users if you want to sell. You would think that after getting smoked by Samsung for the last two years they would have learned that by now, but apparently they can’t look up from their “surveys” long enough to see us hardcore users telling our friends to avoid their crap when they come to us for advice on what devices to get.

  4. Major_Pita

    Same battery and memory expansion issues. 16GB ROM, but with 1080p software requirements, I bet the actual available memory will be less the the 11GB ‘net’ storage that the 16GB One X had.
    Will no one save HTC from themselves?

  5. Gary Graf

    That display is gonna kill the battery fast. They’re gonna need a Maxx size battery especially if it’s non removeable. For a company that’s notorious for bad battery life, you’d hope they realize this.

  6. theNewDanger

    no microsd makes this thing dead in the water. Power users are going to want to take music, movies, high-res pics, and docs an along with them. Carrier data caps ruin the whole cloud storage option.

  7. James

    Honestly? No microSD slot or removable battery? Give me more reasons to stop buying HTC. My original DInc is better than this garbage. Without the scribe pen I now have 0 reasons to buy this and even with it there’s no way i would without a removable battery or microsd slot.

  8. Ravi Jay // #nycmixing

    Not having the Scribe digital stylus is a drawback for me. Its too cumbersome waking around with both a smartphone and tablet, let along paying for two separate data plans for each. I wonder how the battery life is on these phablet types of phones We’ve seen the increase in speed and technology on cell phones but also the decrease in battery as well.


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