ORLY? iPhone 5 may be worth getting in line for after all…

ORLY? iPhone 5 may be worth getting in line for after all…

OK, so there’s nothing in the Android space that can compete with a laser keyboard and holographic images.

via iMore

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  1. Bradley Larcher
    September 18, 09:35 Reply

    OMG! These fans can’t be serious. And what kind of news report is that showing off a fake iPhone and features that aren’t available, like the holographic keyboard. Apple should sue them

    • Andy_in_Indy
      September 18, 09:47 Reply

      That would be Fox news. More entertainment than news. . .

  2. Steve Lindsey
    September 19, 21:16 Reply

    idiots….its amazing the stuff FOX posts as news….i think like 90% of their “news” is opinion & most of the time wrong & not true

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