Samsung’s ‘Next Big Thing’ ads get update in wake of iPhone 5

Samsung’s ‘Next Big Thing’ ads get update in wake of iPhone 5

Samsung has a brand new version of its “Next Big Thing” ad campaign ready to hit television airwaves and we’ve got an embedded copy below.  Timed, not coincidentally, with the release of Apple’s new iPhone, the video points out all the stuff that people are getting in the new iPhone 5.  Well, that and the stuff that they are not getting as well.

There are a number of quotes we like in the clip including:

I heard the connector is all digital!
The headphone jack is on the bottom!
This one’s 4G.  This one has a big screen.
We’re gonna get that, for sure.  Maybe not this time, but next time.

What was your favorite part? 

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  1. bruno
    September 19, 12:31 Reply

    But they’ve got the coolest adapter (or something that sounds like this) … easily the best to show the best of Apple….

  2. Daniel
    September 19, 12:56 Reply

    Samsung is childish and tragic. These commercials is one of the main reasons I think Samsung as a company is a bunch of idiots. I can’t hide the fact that Samsung products are good, but the company.. They are a group of kids. These commercials are not funny, and at least not more than once. They have to make commercials talking shit about Apple, so they can look better themselves.

    Samsung. is. Crap.

      • Daniel
        September 19, 13:43 Reply

        Android is really good. Not Samsung tho.

    • Climb94
      September 20, 00:54 Reply

      Funny…you don’t seem to recall the I’m a Mac, I’m a PC ads.

  3. Cheerful Charlie
    September 19, 14:15 Reply

    Maybe they are not funny to YOU, as a fanbois, but to the rest of the world, great, not matter how often we see it.

  4. UbuntuMan
    September 19, 14:38 Reply

    Samsung is doing it “Gangnam style”!

  5. G
    September 19, 16:11 Reply

    I have a sgs3 but I cringed a bit, you don’t need to shout about it. The sgs3 is quietly and elegantly better than the rest.

  6. Alexander Ramos
    September 20, 16:24 Reply

    The headphone jack is on the bottom!… booom…
    HAhaha, this is my favorite…

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