Qualcomm: Newest competitor chipsets can’t hang with our two-year-old stuff


Qualcomm is pretty proud of their Snapdragon processor family and wants to remind mobile community at large.  Sure, they’ve got cutting-edge quad-core Snapdragon S4 stuff in devices like the Optimus G, but that’s not all they’re about, ya know?  In fact, Qualcomm’s older technology is some powerful stuff too.  So powerful that Qualcomm says its two-year-old S2 chipset will out-perform many of today’s rival processors.

What say you about the video above?  Better yet, do you even know what processor is inside your Android phone?


  1. I have a Samsung Facinate 1GHz processor with VR SGX 540 GPU running @ 200 MHz
    still runs great and even some tegra 2 games work well with it

  2. My Desire HD was quite sluggish with that stuff. That’s why I bought a Galaxy S. The 3D performance of S2 and S3 was not good at all.