Intel talks next-generation dual-core Medfield chips

Intel expects to release dual-core versions of its Medfield processors before long, bringing hyper threading to its next-generation of system-on-a-chip.  What’s more, Intel also plans to introduce chipsets that offer 4G LTE support, something critically missing in today’s mobile devices. Speaking to TechCrunch, marketing head Summet Syal advises that the 4G LTE-ready version of its x86 SOC will be arriving in late 2012, paving the way for bigger, better things in the new year.

“Our next gen product will be a dual-core but again that product will also have hyper threading so essentially… you will also have dual-core with four threads. So again just like we demoed that a single core hyper-threaded can outperform dual-core/quad-core I think we’ll do it again when we introduce the dual-core product with four threads.”

The sooner Intel can get their processor to support 4G LTE, the better their chances of having any success in the United States.  While we might like a lower-cost alternative to today’s top devices, consumers are learning quickly that a faster data connection can be quite fun and important.

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