March 4, 2015

Google may intro a $100 Nexus tablet by end of year


Google may introduce a $100 Android Nexus tablet by the end of 2012, according to new reports. The move, if true, could really help push Google’s tablet effort out in front of others like the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and new Nook HD.

The source of the rumors is, a destination that has a somewhat spotty reputation at times. They advise that Google is again working with Asus on the new ultra-affordable design.

If the rumors are correct Apple will soon be introducing a smaller version of their iPad. Presumably this will cost a couple hundred dollars or more. Should the low cost Nexus tablet prove to be a reality,  Google could certainly steal away market share from all players involved.

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    • herpderp

      Google can lose money on hardware and still make money. Also, simply taking marketshare away from competitors reduces their profitability which – in the long run – limits their ability to innovate and/or tie you up in litigation.

      Google is making a small profit at $199 & part prices are pretty well always on a downward trajectory. It isn’t that crazy to think Google could make a good (albeit not great) tablet for around ~$100 fairly soon and either break even or take a small loss.

      The biggest problem I could see would be them sowing discontent amongst their various hardware manufacturers by pushing margins down so low. Google may not need to make money off hardware but Asus, Samsung, Sony etc. *do*.

    • herpderp

      Other than space, I absolutely love my Nexus 7. What exactly makes it a piece of crap?


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