March 30, 2015

Get this look on your Android smartphone: XUI.v2


One of our absolute favorite things about Android is the fact that you can bend and tweak the platform to your needs.  Sure, there’s rooting and modding for deep level personalization, but that stuff does not always concern the everyman user.  Some of just like to change the home screen around a bit and create a new user experience.

There’s a wonderful website that we’ve long appreciated called MyColorScreen which aims to shed light on all the great ways you can modify your home screens. To that end, we’ve created a series of posts on AndroidGuys where we will highlight an occasional design and its accompanying apps.  In a nutshell we will show you a new look for your Android handset and tell you which apps you’ll need if you want to mimic the feel. Please note that the following details are but the ingredients to which you can create your own delicious Android dish – results will vary.

A revised version of XUI by Arrioch with the Analog clock from PIEui

What you’ll need

 Anything Else?

Color codes

  • Blue: 00B1DC
  • Green: 7FEC4D
  • Pink/red: F04C6A
  • Yellow: FCBA05 or FCDA2B

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  1. AndroidAutobot

    Which component allowed the app look the way they do??? (Off to the side with lines that trail from the icon etc etc)??? I would love to impliment that in my current set up.

  2. kentholio

    I am a noob to this type of customization. I still dont understand how I will get that look if I download those apps.

  3. Perroloco

    In the future please dont post incomplete tutorials.

    There is no link to the wallpaper, neither here nor on any page that you link to.

  4. user

    I was able to find the Wallpaper with very little effort… on the mycolorscreen website linking to the designers website… not rocket science to read the article and use basic research skills to find it.

  5. Lady Di

    Thank you for this article. I am always amazed at how much customization there is for basically anything Android. Will be looking into that clock if nothing else.

  6. efan

    i love these themes as much as the next guy but they are absolutely terrible at explaining how the set up was achieved. what’s the point of posting the them and then not explaining it? to make yourself look cool? or is it just for an inspiration? or do you want to make sure you’re the only one with this set up?

  7. Milos Mirkovic

    Since Powederhause didn’t bother with any explanation and resources, you can check this where you have links for apps you will need, and these and to get wallpapers, icons, uccw skins and weather icons. Wallpaper is 1280×1440 (Galaxy Nexus, S3, One X), so if resized, you may have to tweak it a bit. UCCW for weather top left is created as 3×2, then resized to 3×3, and UCCW for battery (center) is 3×1. If you need any help let me know.


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