Jazz up your smartphone with a Bling My Thing case

Jazz up your smartphone with a Bling My Thing case

This review might skew a little bit toward the ladies, but hey, whatever.  You need lovin’ too, right?  We’ve come across a really sharp protective case for your Galaxy S III and other Android devices.  They’re from a company called Bling My Thing and they do exactly that – bedazzle your Android smartphone.


  • Premium low-profile polycarbonate cases to ensure protection without bulk
  • Form fitting case with access to all ports on smartphone
  • Anti-scratch coating to prevent nicks and blemishes to phone
  • Designed by Ayano Kimura, renowned for her crystal customization work
  • Available in a variety of colors and styles including Simple Is Beautiful Collection, Drop, Orchids, and Sunrise

We had a chance to review one of the Simple Is Beautiful models (above) and really found it to be a nice touch of class and protection.  Essentially a clear snap-on case that goes over the back of your existing battery cover, this lets your white or blue, (or whatever) backside shine through, but with a bunch of glitz and glamour.  Precisely cut for your phone, the buttons and ports are still easy to get to and unaffected.

Sunrise White/ Red

We initially expected these to be more gimmick-y and cheaply made but are happy to say these cases can stand up to moderate wear pretty well.  Tossing in a purse, on the counter, and in the console of a car over the course of a few weeks, we were pleased to see every jewel still intact.  Pricing and design will vary according to your tastes but most models we looked at fall in the range of $45-$55 each.

What we Liked:

  • Quality of build is better than expected; jewels hold up well
  • No need to replace existing battery cover
  • Thin and light, it adds next to nothing to thin experience

Room for Improvement:

  • Pricing is a barrier from much higher adoption rate
  • We’d like to see more masculine offerings
  • Wider selection of Android devices would be welcome

Where to Buy

Bling My Thing website


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  1. Lady Di
    October 05, 01:43 Reply

    “Wider selection of Android devices would be welcome” – <- definitely agree there. I have a SGSII and I didn't see anything… as yet. Thanks for the article as I am saving the link for a future revisit. Knowing me I'll be into another phone but we shall see.

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