LG Optimus G Nexus reported to arrive in November with Android 4.2

LG Optimus G Nexus reported to arrive in November with Android 4.2

How about a fresh crop of Nexus rumors to get your day going, eh?  What would you say if we told you that the Optimus G is, in fact, going to be one of the next Nexus releases and it’s slated to arrive in November?  Nothing new, right?  What if we added that it was going to debut with Android 4.2 and usher in a new Nexus program?

According to our colleagues over at AndroidAndMe, LG is poised to deliver one of the next Nexus handsets in November under the name of LG Optimus G Nexus.  Reportedly, this is still but one of multiple models to come, but from the new Nexus initiative.

The device, which will be introduced at an event with Google, will run Android 4.2, a slightly adjusted take on the stuff we see in today’s Jelly Bean experience.  As to whether it’s called Jelly Bean or something with a ‘K’ (Key Lime Pie is often-tossed around) remains unclear.  The Optimus G Nexus may be shown off at All Things D: Dive into Mobile conference which takes place at the end of this month.

Piecing things together a bit, these details would jive with the stuff that started all the way back in middle of the year when we first learned of a Nexus program that may include up to five partners.  It’s also possible that there is another model or two ready to go, perhaps the rumored Galaxy Nexus 2, before the LG device shows up.

Nexus Program Changes

According to AndroidAndMe’s sources, the annual flagship Nexus program is set to change quite a bit, becoming a little more lenient and consumer-friendly.  Although not officially confirmed, we may look forward to the follow adjustments:

  • Any manufacturer can release a device under the Nexus program, but must adhere to strict standards
  • Handset manufacturers must use stock Android, setting aside 64 MB of secure memory for media streaming
  • Custom UI skins will be allowed as part of a new “customization center”
  • Devices must be designed to support Android 5.0, which is penciled in for fall 2013

What is in Android 4.2?

Again, these are unconfirmed details, but sound like things we’ve heard in the past:

  • Android 4.2  includes improved power management
  • Will introduce a new version of the Google Play app
  • New features geared towards the Nexus program
  • Lays some groundwork for Android 5.0
  • Homescreens are now shown as tabs
  • Introduction of  “customization center.” (Could this be a way to toggle stock Android and a custom OEM skin?)


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  1. Gary Graf
    October 04, 10:40 Reply

    This has a cleaner look than the A&T version that has an 8 MP camera and doesn’t have the onscreen buttons

    • Archknight
      October 04, 12:16 Reply

      It’s the same phone, there won’t be any changes except the addition of SD memory card slot, the removal of the HD antenna from international models and the bulge of the 13MP camera that the Sprint version will have..

  2. Matt Hawkins
    October 04, 11:02 Reply

    Does the LG Optimus G support the full 11 pin MHL? I hope they do… also, I hope it supports full USB OTG like the SGS3 does. That, plus the Google branding / releases would make this a must-buy for me.

  3. Avenger
    October 04, 11:30 Reply

    will T-mobile get LG optimus G?

  4. Archknight
    October 04, 12:08 Reply

    Since the LG Optimus G isn’t set to release in the US until November, it will probably carry the Android 4.2 OS since the press release for AT&T has no mention of what OS it’ll be running.

    Besides that why would LG want share it’s flagship phone with a competitor when it needs to build a reputation for itself as a top tier smartphone manufacturer? The other factor is why would Google and Samsung part ways since the Nexus has been successful?

    • McDee
      October 12, 02:59 Reply

      Galaxy Nexus is not successful. Not as much as the Nexus One. The Galaxy Nexus is plagued with so many problems, the biggest of which is battery life, which is non-existent. I had one for only a week. I loved that it’s a Nexus. But everything else is Samsung and was just crappy.

  5. Broo
    October 04, 13:41 Reply

    Hopefully 4.2 will support Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Ready?

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