Listen to AndroidGuys #130 “The Nexus Ultimatum”

Listen to AndroidGuys #130 “The Nexus Ultimatum”


In this week’s episode the guys tackle the late-breaking rumors that surround the Google Nexus project and one of its potential devices, the LG Optimus G.  After discussing all the stuff that is slated to go into the changed Nexus initiative  we delve into what we would consider to be minimum requirements for a Nexus device heading into 2013.  Called the ‘Nexus Ultimatum”, it’s our little wish-list of Android goodies.

Additional topics include HTC’s new flagship/refresh, the One X+, as well as the One XV, and where these new models fit in with the carrier’s strategy.  Speaking of which, is AT&T going to capitalize on the strongest smartphone lineup of the year or will they squander a golden opportunity?

In our Reviews & Shout Outs section, all three guys plug a favorite app:

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