HTC Q3 revenue tumbles by nearly half year-over-year

Taiwanese hardware maker HTC this morning released its final, unaudited results for the third quarter of this year Q2 ’12. Things could be much better for the quietly brilliant outfit as they report revenue of $2.397 billion for the three month period that just ended.  Additionally, the net income of  $133 million was considerably lower than the $247 million posted by HTC just one quarter earlier.

Things are getting increasingly more difficult for HTC as Samsung continues to expand its Android reach in key markets.  Factor in a growing Sony and LG and we see a tough road ahead for HTC.  On the other hand, we cannot dismiss the fact that a new HTC One X+ and some Windows Phone 8 stuff might not help the company out as the year draws to a close.  For us to completely rule out any Windows Phone impact would be downright silly; Microsoft will be pushing these devices heavily.


  • Derail Doax

    Quit signing carrier exclusives with AT&T with all your phone’s, stupid! Launch them on all networks. Not just one. How can people buy your products when most of the population can’t even buy them? GAH!

  • rfgenerator

    I will not buy a phone that has a non user replaceable battery, hence HTC One series is off my list of possible purchases.

    • UbuntuMan

      Me neither. Also, the latest models (ie Desire X) 4.0 – 4.3″ screens are all at 800×480 resolution! Come on now! We’re past that. They should all be at least 960×540.