Nexus 7 case review Nexus 7 case review

So you got yourself a new Nexus 7 tablet and now you’re looking for a carrying case with style.  Take a moment and swing over to and check out their leather case, you might dig it.  We’ve spent a few weeks playing with their Nexus 7 Case and find it to among the more sturdy accessories of its kind.

Created from PU leather, the case not only protects the outside of your tablet but it pulls double duty as a stand as well.  Details include an elastic hand strap for single-hand usage, a stylus loop, and velcro tab inside for helping secure things.  Custom-designed for the Nexus 7, TheSnugg’s case feature cut outs for the headphone jack, volume buttons, front-facing camera, and power.


  • A black premium PU leather case for the Nexus 7
  • 2 Stand positions
  • Cut outs for cameras, buttons and ports
  • Automatic Sleep/Wake function

We’ve had some time with other cases from and found them to be of the same quality, in that they’re quite nice.  Stitching is solid all around and there’s no sign of any wear-and-tear, even after repeatedly tossing into the glove box and purse. The leather is professional looking and feels good in hand even if it is a little uninspiring.  Then again, there’s only so much you can do with leather.  While we are not quick to drop the full $40 asking price, it’s certainly worth the $25 we currently see on Amazon.  

What we Liked:

  • Leather and stitching are strong
  • Flexibility with tablet stand
  • Elastic band provides for easy one-handed usage.

Room for Improvement:

  • Suggested retail is about $5 higher than we’d like for a 7-inch tablet case
  • We’d like another color option or two

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