13 apps to mimic the Windows Phone Metro UI on your Android

13 apps to mimic the Windows Phone Metro UI on your Android

So you really like the look of Windows Phone and the don’t-call-it-Metro tiles but aren’t in a hurry to give up Android.  What to do?  Dudes, that’s easy – download these apps and mimic the look on your phone or tablet.  We’ve put together a list of 13 Android apps designed to help you create the tile-like home screen experience.

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Some of these are free, some are paid or donate versions, and some get even better with icon packs or additional themes.  Our advice to you is to download and install a few of these ingredients and create your own special recipes.

There’s a seemingly endless list of possibilities here, all of which should breathe fresh air into your Android.  And, yes, we know there’s a bunch of other titles out there that you might already be using.  If you’ve got one that you think readers out to know about, please leave a comment below!

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Android apps to mimic the Metro UI look:

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  1. Philip G
    October 10, 12:58 Reply

    Very nice, but why not just get a Windows Phone?

    • solutions123
      October 11, 16:47 Reply

      I found them slightly harder to use. I like Swype & similar apps and I don’t think those are available on Windows phones.

  2. postulation
    October 10, 15:07 Reply

    Gee, I can’t imagine why people have the opinion that Android is just a copy. Ironically its usually iOS they copy, but hey why not steal some more ideas

    • DManDark
      October 11, 13:29 Reply

      So, when a third party company (that has nothing to do with google) creates a home screen launcher that looks like windows metro, that equals Android copying other people?

    • LaTiNo
      October 15, 04:20 Reply

      the power of Android is that you can actually CHOOSE to have it look like ios or WP. Or give it any other look you want.

  3. lolobabes
    October 10, 18:48 Reply

    You can actually do this just to get a feel if youll like metro ui on windows phone before buying one.

  4. Frightned
    October 11, 08:42 Reply

    There are people ANYWHERE who actually LIKE the Metro UI? Will wonders never cease?

  5. solutions123
    October 11, 16:45 Reply

    Android widgets are cuter and have more personality w/ different looks — and work just the same

  6. Don Joe
    March 23, 11:01 Reply

    Why anyone who has Android whould choose to make it hideous like Metro without being held at gunpoint is beyond me.

  7. arpith
    March 26, 03:28 Reply

    i wish to develop an android app with metro ui,, can anyone please tell me as to how i can do that??

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