Google+ app gets much-requested Page support

Google+ app gets much-requested Page support

Ever wonder why AndroidGuys technically has a Google+ Page yet never really does anything with it? Simple, there’s not a good way to manage things from a mobile client.  As much as we want to share things with you all and get involved with discussions and whatnot, it sucks to sit at a desktop or web browser all day. And, that being the case, we don’t really promote ourselves on that social network.  Until tonight there was no easy way to share stuff with you all, at least as AndroidGuys.  That’s in the past, now, as a major app update (v3.2) gives us that ability.

A post on Google’s blog tonight tells of the latest release which adds in the feature for which we have long desired.  Available in Google Play immediately, the app also gives page owners the ability to post, comment, and interact with their followers directly from their mobile device.  Rounding things out, the app also introduces an updated widget design and a  new ‘Find People’ experience.

So, if you have not followed AndroidGuys on Google+ thus far, we would not blame you.  To that end, we would really like it if you started doing so immediately.  We’ve been anxious for this day to come and think we’ll have a lot of fun!


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  1. Aadam Gibson
    October 11, 04:26 Reply

    Today’s, good news for us that Google+ apps have much requested page supported on android. So its a great for us.

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