T-Mobile roadmap leaked, Android goodies in store

I love the smell of a leaked roadmap in the morning. The guys over at TmoNews have gotten their hands on what looks to be a T-Mobile roadmap for October and November, and Android certainly has a presence on the list. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

First up is the LG Optimus L9, which was announced last week. We’ve been waiting on a release date, and if the roadmap is any indication, we’ll see the L9 hit Magenta stores on Halloween.

Also launching on the 31st is the Huawei Summit, which will probably bring mid-range specs and a smaller display to the lineup.

Buried amid all the new releases is a familiar face: the Galaxy S2. Apparently T-Mobile will be launching the device in a gray color on October 29th, which might appeal to a few more people.

Finally, there’s something on the list that’s called the Samsung Toba. It’s unclear exactly what this device will be, although it’s possible that it’s the Galaxy Note II, or perhaps another Samsung tablet. Whatever it is, it’s launching on November 7th.

So, who else is excited about T-Mobile‘s fall lineup so far? Anyone planning on picking up an Optimus L9 when it drops? Let us know in the comments!

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  • TimO

    To be sure I will be picking up the Galaxy Note II when it arrives at TMO, hopefully before November but if not then whenever.

  • Daniel

    I feel like this is a very disappointing line-up of phones if your looking for a top notch phone. First off, the L9 is a cheap substitute for the Optimus G. The Galaxy SII in new colors??? what a joke! and the Note II is not even on their radar?!

    With devices like iphone 5, htc one+ and htc j butterfly/1080p on the horizon Tmobile expects to cut it with things like last year’s android devices, the uninteresting blackberry, and windows 8 phones… This is not good news for Android fans on tmobile