Add credit to your Google Play account from the web

Google now lets users add credit to their Google Play accounts directly from the internet, bypassing the need for those physical gift cards.  You know the cards we’re talking about here – they’re the ones that aren’t anywhere to be found at least in our neck of the woods.  Digressing, it’s possible to add in denominations of $5, $10, $15, $25,and $50 values.  We’ve not heard of any other countries outside of the United States as of yet but we figure it will be a slow trickle to other markets.  Looking ahead, we’d love to be able to purchase credits and send them to email addresses and gift them.

How do I add credit to my Google Play account?  
Scroll to the bottom of the page in Google Play!

  • boonesimpson

    I guess if you are unable to tie a credit card to your google wallet this is helpful.

    The only reason I can see pre-paying credits is if I get a discount, like using a Target card to get %5 off, or a fuel card or something, however to really get any effect I would need to buy $50 in credit and that is a lot of apps and mp3s.

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  • Andy Duchesne

    Well it’s not available in Canada…either are the Play Cards Either…maybe this new way is to make it easier for all and it is coming to all, easier to implement this than cards throughout the world

  • Guags

    This is cool. Now I don’t have to make trips to Gamestop to buy cards to recharge my Daughters’ accounts.

  • PrivacyFreak

    GameStop in my area is the only place I have found those cards. What the story author (and commenter boonesimpson) fails to recognize is that there are those of us out there who don’t want to associate a credit card with Google in any way. Web purchasing of credits is just as bad as doing it via Google Play on the phone. It gives Google your credit card info.

    • boonesimpson

      well I should have said unable or unwilling to tie a CC to google wallet.

      eidt: also targets typically have the google play cards.

  • golusing

  • Gmail account

  • taija smith

    Is there any way to transfer credits I’ve added back to cash?

  • lester

    Want to put money from my credit card to my Google wallet card. How?