Google’s $99 Nexus tablet still expected this year


Contrary to what you might hear from hardware players, Google is still expected to deliver a $99 Nexus tablet before the year ends.  According to a DigiTimes source, Google is working with Asus on a single-core Android tablet that should arrive before the holidays.  Considering the fact that DigiTimes has been off the mark on a number of previous rumors, we should temper our enthusiasm. With that in mind, the story is that Qanta is assembling the tablet with parts from WonderMedia (ARM processor) and HannStar Display.

A $250 iPad Mini would definitely eat into the market currently occupied by the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire.  Even with new stuff from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, Apple is just the company to steal away sales.  A $99 tablet from Google, however, is just the game changer the industry needs.



  1. a $100 nexus tablet would be awesome just to have around the house as a media player, alarm clock, etc. Heck if it is even remotely hack able, it’ll be a huge success like the RasPi.

    I wish Google would start working on promoting the [email protected] items, and use these cheap nexus devices to get consumer buy-in to an android powered everything.

  2. Another tablet manufacturer is emerging with performance-value Android tablets with some great features – Ainol Electronics — with one model introduced last month, the Novo 7 Flame – priced at $189 at a U.S. site called TabletSprint – a 7″ 16GB tablet with more quality features than Nexus 7 including a 1280×800 high resolution screen, Micro-SD, HDMI, 2 quality cameras and more… Next month Ainol also launches the “World’s 1st” $99 Dual Core “Performance” tablet — If you’re not familar with Ainol Electronics – they won runner-up in CES / CNET’s 2012 “Best Tablet of the Year” Award — And will also have two new Hi-Res 10 Inch tablets coming out soon, one of which is a Quad Core with a 1920×1200 Liquid Crystal display (like Apple’s Retina screen) for around $275 –WOW- the only site that seems to offer them right now in the US is TabletSprint —