Five things we’d still like to see in Google Play

One of the newest features for the Google Play store (v 3.9.16) is the ability to add apps and games to a Wishlist.  As of right now the option only seems to operate as a place for you to tag items that you’d like to maybe purchase down the road.  While Google could have some great stuff coming down the road for us, it’s a seemingly useless feature today.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few things we’d like to see come to the Wishlist and Google Play.  Some of these are pretty simple and straightforward and probably will happen some day.  On the other hand, some of these might just be pipe dreams.Five things we’d still like to see in Google Play:

  • Gifting of apps for other users
  • Buy Google Play credit for other users
  • Push notifications for apps on the wishlist
  • Wishlist sharing for others
  • Promo codes

Gifting of apps for other users – One of the things we’ve been asking for as bloggers is the ability to gift apps to other users.  Whether by email, code, or by direct link, we have been pining for a way to send apps and games to others.  Not only could we use this to help share stuff with readers, but developers would have a much better way of providing review APKs or apps with users, reviewers, and bloggers.

Buy Google Play credit for other users – Sure, we love that we can buy gift cards in stores and online but it’s just for personal use right now.  What we’d really like to see is the option to purchase a $10 credit (or whatever amount) for others.  The easiest way we can figure is to have a spot for us to enter a user’s email address and a button to push for “gift”.  Presto.  We pay for the card, they get the credit.

Push notifications for apps on the wishlist – What good is having a wishlist if we’re asked to manually go back every once in a while to check things out?  We want to have the Google Play app to notify us whenever a developer drops the price of a title.  Or, let’s say that Google shaves things down to a $.25 for some promotion.  Google Play should push out a notice to us that “an item on your wishlist is on sale!” or something similar.

Wishlist sharing for others – This one is nice and easy and just makes a lot of sense.  We want to be able to share our wishlist with others.  Maybe it’s a nicely organized email that gets sent out, maybe it’s just an option inside of Google Play.  Whatever it is, we want to be able to see what others want.  This way, we can gift apps (See #1) to others.

Promo codes – Seriously?  We’re still waiting for an option to enter in some form of code to get an app for free or at a discounted price?  Developers should have long ago been given the ability to create a “half off” code or limited -time promotional code that users can enter to save a few cents or bucks.  Another option here is to create something that only allows for X number of downloads at a discount.  This would create a sense of urgency among users who would fight to get a new or existing app before the price goes back up.

What else?

What would you like to see out of Google Play?  Is there something that we’ve missed that would make for an even greater experience?  Please, leave your comments below and share with us!


  • I’d like to know about updates to my apps when I log into google play on my computer browser.

    • boonesimpson has that. If you go into your “my android apps” it shows a list of your devices and what apps are on them. You can also see if an app needs an update and push the update.

  • I’d like a google play app which doesn’t continually stall when downloading app updates and doesn’t slow my phone down to a crawl whenever I use it. How about that?

    • What phone do you have? It’s fine on my HTC Sensation running CM10.

  • Greg

    Also with the push notifications should let you know maybe when they update and add new features that may make you want the app more maybe you deleted it because it wasn’t up to par yet

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  • jeffnooch

    Like to see way to put “MY APPS” into folders rather than a long list of apps…So maybe have a tab for Installed, All, Folders and in Folders be able to put apps into folders you can name…eg games, file mgr, etc…

    • Martin Cameron

      And also allow sorting by date, name, stars etc

      • John Mejia

        Something like “LAst used” would be very helpful for cleaning up apps.

  • Mark Reaume

    I’d like better sortfilters on apps. 4.5 stars doesn’t mean much if there’s only 100 downloads. When I search for ‘calendar’ and unless I choose a particular app, I can’t see how many times it’s been downloaded. To be able to see ratings and download count would be great.

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  • boonesimpson

    Also I would like the option to filter app reviews based on “my devices.” Currently you have “all devices” or each individual device on your acct, but I have a dozen android devices, let me see the reviews for all of them at a glance.

    also allow users to “lock” language preferences for books/magazines. When I search for an author, I don’t want the german language version of their book to pop up. Will minimize confusion and out-of-language returns.

    Let me “follow” bands, authors, tv shows, record labels. Possibly connected to my public +1’s. This would allow for better recommendations and allow for a “per-user” curated experience.

    Provide an easy way to see FREE tv/books on the play store.

  • Keith Telle

    The ability to remove the crappy app from My Apps that I downloaded, ran once, then promptly removed from the device? And how about the ability to remove devices that I no longer have?

    • DonMcCall

      Go to on your PC. The website Play Store has the ability to remove a device from being shown in your menus. I agree with wanting to be able to clean up the “My Apps” list.

    • You can remove apps from the My Apps list – there’s an icon to the right of the apps you don’t have installed.

  • Great five features you have proposed. I wish google do those.

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  • Eraunanottebuiaetempestosa

    Sometimes I want to know the price of an app I already bought. The only way I have at the moment is logging out from my Google account on the PC’s browser (on my mobile a Google Play link automatically redirects to the app) and manually search the app on the Google Play site.

  • michael interbartolo

    I would love to share movies/tv purchases with family members. the kids have Nexus7 tablets with their own accounts and giftcards only for purchasing, but since we have a googletv most of the movies we buy is on my account so they can watch them on the big screen. Right now I had to add my account to their tablets (then long press to remove R rated movies I had purchased from the tablet selection) so they have access. it would be nice if I could authorize a family member at a rating level access to my movie collection.

  • TimeLincoln

    I think you should get notifications when an app has a price change (like when it goes on sale) if it is on your wishlist.

  • banjoonmyknee

    How about a non-crappy selection of books and movies?

  • The ability to pay for apps using my PayPal account instead of credit card

  • great list!

  • banjoonmyknee

    6. The Amazon Video App -or- at least a decent selection of movies and tv in the Google Play Store

  • Tony Waddell

    I would like the ability to filter out games. I am not interested in gaming. I probably miss out on some really great apps because so many games are shown to me when I just want to browse through new or popular apps.

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  • Paul

    I’d really like the ability to mark an app update as “do not want” and to only be notified when a newer update is released. Say a developer releases a crappy update that is full of bugs or removes features, I’d like to be able to say “I don’t want this update so stop telling me about it”

    For example I currently have Google calendar at the top of My Apps but I’m not going to install the latest version because they messed up the widget colours. I’d like to be notified when Google fix it without having to check each time.

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