Get this look for your Android smartphone: The Future, Pie UI Reimagined

Get this look for your Android smartphone: The Future, Pie UI Reimagined

One of our absolute favorite things about Android is the fact that you can bend and tweak the platform to your needs.  Sure, there’s rooting and modding for deep level personalization, but that stuff does not always concern the everyman user.  Some of just like to change the home screen around a bit and create a new user experience.

There’s a wonderful website that we’ve long appreciated called MyColorScreen which aims to shed light on all the great ways you can modify your home screens. To that end, we’ve created a series of posts on AndroidGuys where we will highlight an occasional design and its accompanying apps.  In a nutshell we will show you a new look for your Android handset and tell you which apps you’ll need if you want to mimic the feel. Please note that the following details are but the ingredients to which you can create your own delicious Android dish – results will vary.  And that’s awesome.

The Future, Pie UI Reimagined 

Why we love this look:

As an almost anti-minimal look (maximal?), we love the fact that there is so much at our disposal when on the home screen.  The colors seem to pop right off of the wallpaper and the simplistic icons tie it all together.  Considering the number of apps used to create this look, we imagine many variations that look just as good.


What you’ll need

Anything Else?

Credits go to Wicked4u2c, shamfu and colorvisuals. I have upgraded the theme to suit my Galaxy Nexus GSM. I will provide the info below, packed in a .rar file. In the future, I might make a installation video, as it differs greatly from that of’s Wicked4u2c’s, shamfu and colorvisuals. This can be fully customizable in the PSD, included within the .rar file.

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