Are you guilty of “Sh*t Android Users Say”?

Are you guilty of “Sh*t Android Users Say”?

Ever find yourself saying one or more of the following things about Android or the iPhone?  Ever run down someone else’s handset choice or talk up yours like crazy?  Sure you have.  Check out the video below (after the break), passed to us by the folks at Mobile Phone Finder.  While we might be guilty of one or two of these things, we seriously hope we’re not this annoying.  Much of this is spot-on and funny because it’s true, but we don’t know anyone who has spent that much time doting on widgets…. That said, widgets are cool.

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  1. Kelly
    October 24, 09:43 Reply

    yes, in regards to removeable batteries and customization

  2. ThinkingBrian
    October 24, 13:14 Reply

    Laughing my butt off! especially when I watched the Android version because I know I have said a few of those sayings before including “customizable”.

  3. AndroidJohn
    October 25, 01:00 Reply

    Can believe they didn’t mention the ability to change batteries.

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