Look ma, more Nexus 4 pictures

Look ma, more Nexus 4 pictures

What do you know, more photos of the Nexus 4 have landed online with less than one week to go before we see it officially announced. The source @evleaks (whodathunkit) has provided what appears to be press renders that might find their way onto the Play Store site.

There are no new specs or details to go with the photos but that’s to be expected at this point.  Pretty much everything there is to know about this model has leaked online.  All we need now is a launch date and a price.  Anyone got a guess on that stuff?

For what it’s worth, we find it interesting that there are two separate weather indicators in the notification bar.  That’s pretty strange stuff, and quite unlike anything that Google might show.  Whatevs…


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  1. Anand
    October 24, 09:51 Reply

    Even the battery in the status bar seems to be showing percentage.

  2. Iucidium
    October 24, 09:52 Reply

    Aokp – fail.
    Looks a shoddy Photoshop. What if the Nexus 4 is an elaborate hoax?

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