SwiftKey announces SwiftKey Flow, featuring Swype-esque input


There’s a myriad of third-party keyboard options available for Android, but none have hit quite the commercial success of SwiftKey, with its great word prediction, or Swype, with its innovative word-tracing input. Both are excellent keyboards in their own right, however your preference in how you use your keyboard is going to determine which works best for you. At least that’s how it’s been. Today, SwiftKey has changed that paradigm a bit by fusing the Swype word-tracing with its own word predictive awesomeness. No word yet on a release date or what the pricing will look like, but rest assured, as soon as we get our hands on it we’ll pass on our thoughts. Check out the video below and register here for the beta if you’re interested. Do you prefer a different keyboard? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Been using Swype (free by the way) for over a year now on my Droid. Number 1 reason is that it’s blazingly FAST – much, much faster than tap touch typing! Many options WITHOUT intrusive scanning of your social media accounts (don’t like to give my apps those deep permissions if I can avoid it)! Remember, you MUST download Swype from their website, NOT the app store. SwiftKey May be offering a great new app for some but I’ll stick with the safe, tried-and-true Swype.

  2. Funny, I often switch between both of them because I love the swipe gesture to swype and the word prediction of Swiftkey. I can’t wait to try it out!