April 2, 2015

Strategy Analytics: Android has 41.3 percent of global tablet market


While we might not have one singular device that comes close to the iPad, Android tablets are doing quite well as a whole.  So well, in fact, that they now account for 41.3 percent of the worldwide tablet market, according to research firm Strategy Analytics.

Rising from 29.3 percent market share one year ago, the overall number of shipments have doubled.  Whereas last year there were 5 million tablets shipped in Q3, there were 10.2 million shipped this year.  The most obvious contributing factors?  The Kindle Fire and Nexus 7.

“No single Android vendor comes close to Apple in volume terms at the moment, but the collective weight of dozens of hardware partners, such as Asus, Samsung and Nook, is helping Google’s Android platform to register a growing presence in tablets,” said Strategy Analytics Executive Director Neil Mawston.

Things will get really interesting with the new iPad mini hitting the market in the coming weeks; Apple will certainly make its impact felt.  On the other hand, we’ve got a new Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD, and whatever Google is cooking up for October 29.

Strategy Analytics

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  1. Jim Meyers

    This is a really awesome piece of information to learn as 2012 comes to a close. When you think about all the inflated Apple/iOS related headlines the tech news space was littered with this year, the fact of the matter remains that the iPad 3, new iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad mini, etc. didn’t slow Android’s growth. It has the biggest share it has seen so far in the tablet space and it’s still the dominant platform among new phone buyers. A lot of people have bet on Android – especially within developer/mobile ad communities – and it looks like that bet is going to pay off. When you see Android mobile ad networks like http://www.airpush.com exploding overnight and Android devs saying at every turn that they are making more money through Android than ever before, I think that means the writing is on the wall for this platform. Android’s future looks really, really good to me.

    • solutions123

      i love this news as well as Mr. Meyers’ comment. without getting too wordy I’ll just say viva la Android! I’m a big fan, huge. it’s funny –there are tons of non-tech messageboards where lots of non-tech folks are hearing about Android for the very first time through word of mouth; then when they realize the significant $$avings, it’s a double “good” whammy, both for Android and the newly enlightened.


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