Vic Gundotra looks to be using Nexus 10

    Not  like it’s much of a surprise, but Google’s Vic Gundotra has apparently been using the Samsung Nexus 10 tablet.  A pair photos of a beach have surfaced on Google+ which look to be taken from said, unannounced device.  They aren’t all really high-resolution (3.1) but that could be easily attribute to resizing.  Then again, a lower-megapixel rear camera could keep costs down.  And seriously, how many photos do you take with a 10-inch tablet anyhow?

    It’s difficult to say what price point this Nexus 10 is going to come in at, considering the rumors of such a high definition display.  Would you rather see a nicely packaged Nexus tablet in a $299 price range or are you all for a premium cost experience?

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