Leaked Nexus 4 manual confirms wireless charging

    The Nexus 4 will have wireless charging (induction) capability out of the box, so says a leaked copy of the user manual.  Found online at LG’s website, but subsequently removed, the manual shows the rear of the handset features an “induction coil”, confirming rumors of the new-ish charging technology.

    As Pocket Lint tells it, the Nexus 4 only comes with 8GB internal storage and does not offer microSD expansion.  This bit of news is likely to be a thorn in the sides of enthusiasts however Google could be looking to keep costs down and open the door to a wider audience.  In a related note, it’s suggested that Google is also set to offer a 16GB model as well.

    • Former_Verizon_Girl

      Thank God it will have wireless charging. Now, instead of dropping my phone into my current charging stand… I can drop it on a charging pad. Oh wait, that’s the same thing. (Except I can actually USE my phone while in my current charging stand.)

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