Ube Bobine review

Ube Bobine review

We’ve reviewed plenty of chargers over the years on AndroidGuys.  We’ve also reviewed plenty of phone mounts or stands as well.  Today, we’re reviewing a hybrid device that not only props your phone up and holds it in place, but also charges it at the same time.  It’s called Une Bobine and we’ve talked about them in the past.  (Readers may recall the Kickstarter project and our trip to the company HQ a few months back).

The Une Bobine tackles one of the more common issues that we run into when charging a phone on the go.  As some of you can attest, it’s nice to be able to see your screen while working on a laptop or desktop.  This is especially the case when using that handset as a secondary display for video chat, reading, or watching video.  It’s not always easy to charge and hold at the same time, without using separate devices.

The first thing that strikes us when we tested these out is that the cord is much stronger than expected.  We figured that we’d run into a situation where the arm would get lazy and lose its position over time but that’s just not the case.  In our trip to [Fuse]Chicken’s design facility we were shown how it could handle a variety of phones, including the Galaxy Note.  As something that stays in the spot where we put it, the Une Bobine would work well for video recording or snapshots from an Android device. At two feet long the cord is lengthy enough to bend and maneuver into a position you find comfortable or helpful.

Une Bobine also comes with a number of replaceable Micro|CAPS which some may need to employ.  As HTC often likes to put the microUSB port in weird spots along the side of a handset, these caps can help ensure your port gets the extra hold it needs.  We found these easy to install and remove, snapping together quite quickly.


  • 24 inches / 600 mm
  • Micro|USB connector
  • USB connector
  • 5 Replaceable Micro|CAPS for adjustable fit to your device

What we liked: 

  • The cable is stronger than one expects
  • Two feet is plenty to wrap around small branches, brace for support
  • MicroUSB charger is universal to Android
  • Additional caps in the box for random phone designs.

Room for improvement:

  • Rigid cord doesn’t hide away easily in cars, bags (see below)

Where to buy:

Order yours directly from [Fuse]Chicken at $30.00 each.

It’s worth pointing out that there’s also a Petite Bobine for users to consider.  If space is an issue or cord length is a non-factor, this might be the way to go.  It’s half the length at 12-inches but will be more portable than the larger model.  Still, it’s long enough to hold your phone up at eye level should you plug into a laptop in a coffee shop or office environment.  For iPhone users, there are also a pair of options to choose from as well!

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  1. Havoc70
    October 30, 15:25 Reply

    I like my Bobine, use it at work to keep my Gnex charged and at eye level to see the screen

  2. olbp
    October 30, 15:50 Reply

    Will it allow landscape use, charging while watching a movie?

    • lavaman
      October 30, 16:22 Reply

      It will hold a galaxy note in landscape, so I don’t think you’ll have any problems.

  3. Gordon
    November 01, 09:03 Reply

    Mine doesn’t work well in my car…every time I turn, it flops over from the weight of the phone.

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