AT&T, T-Mobile team up to combat smartphone theft

AT&T and T-Mobile have paired up to help combat thefts of smartphone by adding their list of IMEIs to a national database.  Initially announced back in April, this joint and voluntary effort will also see help from Verizon and Sprint and is backed by the CTIA and FCC. Now, instead of blocking handsets by SIM card, the carriers can disable pones based on the unique identifier inside the phone.

CTIA and its member companies have always been advocates for wireless users’ safety, which is why we’re pleased our members met the voluntary deadline to create databases that will prevent stolen smartphones from being reactivated.


  • Andy_in_Indy

    So how do I use this to make sure that Craig’s List deal is legit?

  • Cal

    Exactly…I was just ripped off last week for $150.00 someone sold me a Sprint Samsung Nexus and when I went to register it (put it on my account) Sprint said it was registered as lost or stolen..So I was out $150.00.