April 2, 2015

Samsung sells 3 million Galaxy Note II's in first 37 days


Samsung is well on their way to hitting the goal of 20 million Galaxy Note II sales, having already notched 3 million in just over a month’s time. According to a press announcement on SamsungTomorrow, it only took 37 days time to hit that mark, a rather impressive feat to be certain. While it’s not on the lines of a 5 million weekend like Apple, it’s better than the Galaxy S II from 2011. That phone, as some may recall, took around 55 days to hit the same figure.  It’s worth noting that there’s no U.S. impact on these number yet, something we expect to play big on overall sales.

SamsungTomorrow (translate)

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  1. Tim Oliver

    It will be interesting to see how the U.S. impacts these numbers. When I bought my SGN II TMO said they couldn’t keep them in the store. They were selling out quickly. I really like mine. Save for the fact that I’m looking for the update that will enable split screen this thing is really good. It’s fast. The screen HD is amazing and JB is really, really good. By the way my previous phone was the original SG S Vibrant 3G.


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