Nexus 10 falls just short of iPad 4 in benchmark comparisons

Nexus 10 falls just short of iPad 4 in benchmark comparisons

The Nexus 10 has already been dubbed an “iPad killer” (how many times have we heard that before?), but according to a recent benchmark comparison, it falls below the iPad 4 in nearly every performance category. It’s interesting to see that the Nexus 10 fares very well in comparison to some of the top smartphones of the day, but it can’t take the crown for the tablet world just yet. You can check out some of the benchmark results in the gallery below.

[nggallery id=38]

So do these results surprise you? Do they have any effect on which tablet you’re going to buy? Let us know in the comments!

Source PhoneArena

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  1. Doomstang
    November 05, 12:48 Reply

    With a higher resolution, some benchmarks are expected to be lower.

  2. pixelperfect3
    November 05, 12:49 Reply

    The PowerVR gpus on the ipads just smoke the rest (Mali/GeForce/Adreno/etc.)

  3. MicroSD2MicroUSB
    November 05, 12:54 Reply

    Considering the price point are very different and the performance actually pretty close, i’ll say the N10 is a an overall better device, and of course it offer more for the money.

  4. ralphwiggum1
    November 05, 12:57 Reply

    Nexus 10 widescreen display is much more appealing than the 4×3 of the iPad… but these benchmarks are disappointing. There’s a $100 price difference for high resolution displays, but the iPad already has games and apps designed for the high-res display AND has a better CPU/GPU combo which came out of the blue. Samsung announced their Exynos A15 processors months ago and took this long to actually incorporate them into their devices. Waited too long I would say.

    Now I would be torn if I were in the market for a new tablet, but I’m broke.

  5. ralphwiggum1
    November 05, 13:01 Reply

    Just to add, even though iPhone 5 also bests the Nexus 4, those are completely different beasts because of the way phone purchasing works. I prefer contract-free phones and the Nexus 4 is very competitively priced, but it’s performance is also disappointing compared to the iPhone 5, although it clearly has the better screen and is much better than other Android phones on the market (i.e. Galaxy S III).

    Because of those reasons, even though it’s not the “fastest” phone overall, it’s a much easier decision to buy the Nexus 4. WiFi tablets on the other hand… they need to stay competitive in terms of performance and price points and it’s hard to choose the (inferior) new comer over the current king even with the $100 difference.

  6. Scott R. Frost
    November 05, 14:12 Reply

    Apple products always do very well in synthetic 3D benchmarks. It never translates in to real world performance though. Try web browsing on both of them and judge for yourself which is smoother.

  7. Walkop
    November 05, 14:55 Reply

    I did some math – the amount of pixels the Nexus 10 has to push is about 33.2% larger than the iPad 4 (2560×1600 vs 2048×1536), and performance on the iPad at native resolution is 53.88% better than the Nexus 10 at native resolution. Taking the pixel difference into account (subtract 33.2% from 53.88%), then the iPad is only 20.68% faster than the Nexus 10 on a per-pixel basis.

    This is based on the GLBenchmark Fill Test. It just helps to put things into perspective a bit more – my math may be off a bit, of course, but I hope it represents this a bit better. I’ll do a few more calculations and post again.

    • Walkop
      November 05, 15:01 Reply

      I don’t understand why the Nexus 10 falls so far behind on hte offscreen 1080P test; it must have something to do with the architecture? Anyone care to field a guess?

  8. Don McCall
    November 05, 18:19 Reply

    Ummm…as has been stated many, many times over the years: when have benchmarks ever defined user experience? Also keep in mind that it is well known that some hardware and software is better optimized for various benchmarks. This is why HTC is usually so competitive compared to other Android manufacturers at some benchmarks, Real world experience is what matters, and rest assured the public will be speaking on this, just like they did on the Nexus 7 when everyone doubted it too.

  9. MSfanboy
    November 05, 19:24 Reply

    On most benchmarks, it’s not even close. What a misleading title…

    • Tee Jay
      November 06, 05:00 Reply

      Agreed. On some benchmarks, the A6X is more than double performance.

      That’s not just “falls just short”, that’s annihilated. I am an android fan and am very disappointed. But let’s be honest.

      • Juda
        January 30, 08:48 Reply

        Yes let’s be honest… Apple pays benchmarck appssites to put them as first.
        Or we also have he option that benchmarks still suck.

  10. Jason James
    November 05, 22:13 Reply

    honestly ask anyone with an ipad what their clock speed or gpu speed is and watch the stupid looks on their faces. the ipad could be at the bottom of these lists and it wouldn’t mean sh*t people dont buy based on these tests, most people dont even compare products its “i want ianything and ill be happy!” not to say i dont want the nexus 10 on top of the ipad but since i will never waste my money on an ipad the nexus is at the top of other android tablets which i will be buying once its released

  11. Major_Pita
    November 06, 12:09 Reply

    Everyone is looking at out-of-the-box specs for the Nexus 10. Don’t. This is a Nexus device. It will not take long for custom ROMs and kernels to be made available for the ’10. Expect a considerable bump in performance when that occurs.

  12. Sergiofromfaraway
    February 21, 12:18 Reply

    Totally biased tests. Ok iPad4 has a better benchmark GPU so all the tests show GPU advantage. The reality is that the only advantage of iPad4 versus Nexus 10 is this series of GPU tests , all the others are showing iPad4 far behind. I understand economic importance but this article is not fair.

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