September 16, 2014

Virgin Mobile intros $5 daily data plan

Virgin Mobile USA is adding another option to its mobile Broadband2Go service today, kicking off a new special “Daily Plan”.  Priced at only $5 per day (24hrs), users will find they get up to 200MB of 3G data or where available, unlimited 4G service.
Plan options now include:
  • $35/month 2GB of 3G service/Unlimited 4G service
  • $55/month 5GB of 3G service/Unlimited 4G service
  • $5/day 200MB of 3G service/Unlimited 4G service
The fine print of it all is that plans include either: 500MB (Daily plan); or 10GB (Monthly plans), of full-speed 4G data. Virgin Mobile’s 3G/4G Broadband2Go service is available on two devices, U600 3G/4G USB Stick ($69.99) or the Overdrive Pro 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot ($119.99).


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