T-Mobile to drop prices of select Android devices Nov 8

T-Mobile to drop prices of select Android devices Nov 8

How does one get the holiday shopping season started up early?  Simple, drop the prices of your more popular products and advertise the savings.  T-Mobile is expected to do at least half of that tomorrow, November 8, as word of price drops land online.  Assuming everything here is legit, a number of Samsung products will see substantial declines as will the HTC One S.

  • HTC One S down to $99
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II down to $249.99
  • Samsung Galaxy S Blaze down to $49.99
  • Samsung Galaxy S II down to $79.99
  • Samsung Galaxy S III down to $129.99

Now, all they have to do is advertise their savings and they should be okay.  You know, maybe pick up a few customers or two.


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  1. Mark R. Andrachek, Jr.
    November 09, 15:14 Reply

    $249 looks like the down payment on the value plan. I don’t see any drop in prices on the Note 2 on their website.

  2. k
    November 09, 16:27 Reply

    These are the same prices as they have offered since the phone came out.

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