T-Mobile loses half million post-paid subscribers in Q3

T-Mobile USA nearly one half million (492,000) contracted customers during the third quarter of 2012, so says the carrier today.  The nation’s fourth largest wireless provider released its quarterly earnings report today which includes some of the bullet points below. While it’s a mix of good and not-so-good, the takeaway is that the carrier is not moving forward all that fast.  As of the end of September, T-Mobile is listed as having 33.3 million subscribers. Maybe spending a little cash on MetroPCS will fix things faster…

  • Net customer additions of 160,000 reflect strong net additions of 365,000 branded prepaid customers
  • Branded contract churn of 2.3% improved 30 basis points year-on-year
  • Rate of branded net contract customer losses in the third quarter of 2012 improved slightly sequentially (492,000 in Q3/12 compared to 557,000 in Q2/12) but increased year-on-year (389,000 in Q3/11) due to the impact of the iPhone5 launch
  • 3G/4G smartphones sales accounted for 77% of units sold and increased 28% year-on-year to 2.3 million units
  • The $4 billion 4G network modernization plan is well underway; first cities with HSPA+ on 1900 PCS spectrum launched in the third quarter of 2012
  • New Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan, launched in September, is a key differentiator in the marketplace


  • confused

    Don’t understand the first sentance

  • The people who signed up for or renewed their contracts at the time that their network started to degrade are coming off contract now.

    I know that I will be moving to AT&T when I go off contract in the spring unless they can improve their coverage to at least the same level it was in the middle of 2010.

    • I have both, ATT LTE and Tomb. TMob has a better and considerably faster service. Don’t believe me? Try downloading. 500mb file TMob HSPA takes a few min. ATT LTE on the other hand 4 to 5 hours,!

      My job uses ATT, but considering the difference in service and cost, many of us are pushing to move to better service provider

      • I also carry an AT&T LTE phone (Galaxy Note) as my work phone and wherever I’ve run speed tests the LTE has blown away the HSPA+ FauxG. I’ve seen 30MBPS consistently on LTE and the absolute fastest I’ve ever seen on TMO was 21MBPS (usually closer to 14MBPS). I’m not going to try to download a 500MB file that sounds like a great way to kill my battery and besides I don’t even use 500MB in a month most of the time.

        In any case I wasn’t even talking about speed, I was talking about coverage (I thought I was pretty clear on that), There are plenty of places around my house (suburban Los Angeles where I don’t get any TMO service (sometimes I can get EDGE but not even that reliably). The worst thing is that >2 years ago I did get reliable (if not fast) service in those exact same areas.

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  • matb321

    I left T-Mobile for Straight Talk.I have a Att sim with my Atrix 2 and couldnt be happier for 45 a month.Prepaid is great if you want to save money and have good service through att or T-mobile.

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