Verizon plans to wrap 4G LTE rollout in mid-2013

Verizon plans to wrap 4G LTE rollout in mid-2013

Verizon anticipates that it will blanket the nation with 4G LTE coverage by the middle of next year, roughly six months faster than initially expected. Speaking at a media/telecom conference today, CFO Frank Shammo advised that Verizon’s 4G network will closely mirror their 3G network within the next 6-8 months. Well ahead of schedule and its competition, the carrier already spreads to more than 250 million Americans, or most of the country.

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  1. markgbe
    November 08, 12:26 Reply

    3013? i’d probably recommend they speed that up a bit…

  2. Steve Fitchett
    November 08, 12:39 Reply

    Well considering the time it takes them to roll out Android updates…I’m not too surprised

  3. Geoff Johnson
    November 08, 14:03 Reply

    I bet 3013 will come and I’ll still be waiting for my ICS update from Verizon

  4. johnny
    November 08, 14:15 Reply

    that’s quite plan given that no one who is a live today will be around to see this thing through.

  5. Smart_Margret
    November 08, 15:54 Reply

    Only androidguys would mix up “2013” and “3013”.

    Zero proofreading done on this site.

    And then fix it… and then FORGET to fix the link itself anyway:

    androidguys com / 2012 / 11 / 08 / verizon-plans-to-wrap-4g-lte-rollout-in-mid-3013/

    It just gets worse and worse.

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