LevelUp Studio teasing Beautiful Widgets 5.0


The fine folks over at LevelUp Studio have started teasing an upcoming 5.0 release of Beautiful Widgets and darn if it doesn’t look good. While we only have a few screenshots and details to go on at this point, we’re already set to rename the app “Simply Stunning Widgets”. This is not just a simple tweak of an already-existing title, it’s a completely refreshed app with a host of new features.

  • Welcome – The first time you will start Beautiful Widgets 5.0, you are going to be welcomed, because we love you and we are committed to keep you happy while using the application… in the future we are going to use that space to display featured themes, or show our other works.
  • Weather – The Forecast Screen has been totally redesigned…You can access the fly menu and you’ll have access to others information like Hours, Moon Phases. In future updates, we’ll plan to add new features, but it’s a surprise!
  • Configuration – Setting up a widget should be simple, and we have always been thinking that you should configure and watch the results instantly. This is finally the case with a real time preview of your widget.


LevelUp Studio



  1. I hope they’ll improve it. It looks like some iOS-ish over designed (and by designed, I mean with too much effects and pictures) non minimalistic Holo-compatible thing. I stopped using it months ago, following my GNexus buy, availlable themes were not pleasing at all; I felt back to Android 1.5, when all was just to be built. They should work hard on it, create a real well-designing community such as Google is sucessing to do on Android >4,0. I wish them to sucess too, they’re european and french comrades, after all. (Edit: Oh God (which doesn’t exist), and that font on the weather screen…)

    Also, they should begin to think about how the could differenciate their product with what HTC offers on its devices. The flip-clock layout is somewhat old, it’s >2 year-old, also known as eternity in tech, culture and visuals-appreciation (read: the world’s) time structure.

    Beautiful Widgets aren’t beautiful anymore :'(

  2. am i the only person that thinks 99% of the clock themes available are absolutely horrendous? the only ones that looks any good are the ones that try to copy sense or the ones that are really really plain. don’t get me wrong i USE beautiful widgets and love it for what it is, but I wish that someone would make actually smart, classy looking skins for the clock. i mean even the one in that preview picture above is clearly a crappy looking knockoff of the sense 4 clock. why can’t it look good like the real sense 4 clock? or do something original but equally classy and clean and nice to look at? obviously i could shut up and try to do it myself, but i just felt like complaining 🙂 can’t wait for the update!