Banjo 3.0 brings location-based social media and networking to a new level

Banjo 3.0 brings location-based social media and networking to a new level

If you followed the election coverage this past month, you may know that the media was using a new means of gathering polling data: Banjo. Banjo is an app for both Android and iPhone that combines feeds of your friends’ check-ins from literally anywhere in the world, and shows you real-time trends going on in that region.

The company is now launching the 3.0 version of their app, which comes with a completely new user interface. The newest version is hell-bent on providing you with only the most relevant info in different places in the world, from sports to music, and showing you how people are using social networking and media to bring you an eye-popping experience.

What’s more, the app can create a degree of separation map (for lack of a better term) to show you who of those that you follow are friends with other people you know… on any social network at any time.

While we don’t have a web version, the company is using the extra resources to focus only on mobile development. According to Banjo CEO Damien Patton, “for now we’re focusing on back-end tech and how users are using the app in the real world”.

Be sure to check it out in the Google Play Store, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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