Will Google and Dish Network disrupt wireless industry?

Will Google and Dish Network disrupt wireless industry?

It could be a few years off, but Google and Dish Network may be looking to disrupt the wireless industry. How so? By partnering to launch their own wireless service that will “rival the networks” of dominant players like Verizon and AT&T.

A new report out of Wall Street Journal advises that the two companies have been getting a bit cozy with each other and could be three to five years away from deploying a network. Of course all of this is subject to FCC and other regulations and should only be considered a rumor at this stage. Seeing as how things are coming from “people familiar with the matter” and neither Google nor Dish have said anything, it’s just speculation.

Rumor or not, the idea of Google becoming a service provider is not all that far-fetched. The tech giant is already in the first stages of rolling out a broadband service and, thus far, things sound promising. Given that everyone knows the focus is on mobile, Google would be silly to not consider partnering with some industry players to push the agenda forward.

WSJ (Subscription required)


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  1. Uptown Haberdasher
    November 16, 12:05 Reply

    The carriers have really been holding back the US industry…. absurd data prices, blocking OS updates, you name it. More competition is good.

  2. olbp
    November 16, 12:26 Reply


    Will they disrupt the wireless industry?

    Well, I certainly HOPE so. SOMEthing needs to be done about prices that are 4 to 5 times what they should be every month, especially on data packages an OS updates.


  3. symbolset
    November 16, 14:05 Reply

    As much as I would like Google to be my wireless carrier, cable provider and ISP, this rumor is not true. It’s a fabrication designed to make carriers see Android as a threat to their existence so they will push other platforms.

    • turf
      November 16, 17:48 Reply

      Quit raining on my parade. I want it to be true.

  4. Me
    November 17, 17:17 Reply

    Sign. Me. Up.

  5. Aaron
    November 19, 13:33 Reply

    I would jump on this, as well as Google Fiber, when it comes to LA of course.

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