Verizon HTC Droid DNA bootloader gets unlocked method

Verizon HTC Droid DNA bootloader gets unlocked method

Alright, android guys and gals (see what I did there? Chuckle…), grab your hacker hats and geek gloves. If you’ve got an HTC Droid DNA, then AndroidPolice has an early Christmas gift for you. How does an unlocked bootloader sound? Pretty cool? Yea, we thought so, too.

The bootloader unlock concept is pretty simple – make the Verizon Droid DNA seem to be unbranded through the bootloader, and then it can be unlocked via the official HTC bootloader unlock method. Verizon may have pulled the plug on unlocking through HTC’s tools, but if it doesn’t appear to be branded, HTC’s software is none the wiser.

You’ll need your phone (duh), a computer (duh again), ADB, and some time (and patience) to accomplish this. If this sounds like your cup of tea, be sure to head to the source link below for the full rundown. As always, AndroidGuys is not responsible if you damage, brick, melt, overcook, or transmogrify your phone. Good luck!

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