32GB Nexus 7 on sale for $249.99 with free shipping, today only

If you’re in the market for a Nexus 7, ready your credit cards. The deal site “1 Sale A Day” has the 32GB version of the Nexus 7 on sale, today only, for $249.99 out the door – in other words, with free shipping. This is a pretty substantial drop in the standard price, and we’re not sure about availability… so, it may behoove you to jump on it, if you’re interested.

Hit up the source link for the deal. It’ll require a 1SAD subscription, which takes less than a minute to sign up for at the same link.

via 1saleaday

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  • m

    unless it is HSPA+ version, I dont see a discount here…

    • Exactly, save for the $14 Google charges for shipping. Easily avoidable by buying from an actual store.

    • yippiedad

      It’s Wifi only so the only “deal” here is no tax and free shipping. The list price of $299.99 is a complete misleading lie. Then again, what did you expect from “1saleaday”?

  • ash

    It’s only free shipping that makes it good for a vendor other than Google.