Google Play reviews now tied to Google+ profiles

Google Play reviews now tied to Google+ profiles

Google doesn’t want anyone leaving anonymous or fake author names with Google Play reviews so, beginning today, things will be a bit different. If you want to leave a review for an app, game, or anything else in the Play Store, then you’ll need to log in with your Google+ account. The change is very similar to the move made with YouTube videos where the same must be done if one wished to leave comments.



On one hand this could be construed as a way to pad the numbers of Google+ subscribers. On the other, it makes sense to us in that it could bring more legitimacy to the platform. Perhaps you’ll be more likely to trust the reviews and feedback if it’s from someone you know or could get to know. Maybe you’ll find new friends and followers who happen to like some of the same apps.

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  1. Chahk Noir
    November 27, 09:40 Reply

    Anything that helps cut down the review spam/abuse is a step in the right direction.

  2. Dima Tokar
    November 27, 10:54 Reply

    Good move. Hopefully this will help with spam. Future updates could bring ‘reputation’ scales with more recognized reviewers getting prime real estate on the app landing page.

  3. Spook Murphy
    November 27, 14:02 Reply

    So now my gmail account qualifies as an anonymous source? But I can sign up for a G+ account under my surreptitious gmail account and it’s all good?

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