Android now powers 44% of tablet market

Android continues to chip away at Apple’s dominance in the tablet market and now holds more than 44 percent of the market. Apple still holds strong at 55 percent of the overall field however it has given up 14 percent of the pie to Samsung, Google, Amazon, and others. According to ABI research, Apple is losing its grip as a result of not delivering a “knock-out punch through innovation, pricing, and availability during the most critical selling period of the year.”


  • Nessman

    Yeh right, lol, looking at the site stats for any web site and you see fraction of Android tablets versus iPad. This is smoke and mirros

    • Um, its about install base you moron. Sales are now catching the iPad, but the installed base is much smaller. It will take some time before there are more Android tabs than iPads. Website stats mean nothing in this instance.

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  • Christian

    44 percent? That’s a lot of poor people.

    • They’re not poor Christian. They’re just not brainwashed by ‘lifestyle’ product marketing.

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  • Paman

    Such an arrogant bunch you lot. There are 10x more android tablet sold in the world. Many people in China, India and other under develop countries can not afford iPad. @least they have the opportunity to join in with the world technology for better future with android tablet.

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