Get your Tony Montana on with Scarface Multiplayer

Say it with us – First you get the money… If you’ve ever wanted to go back to the mid-80’s and immerse yourself in the world of Scarface, you’re in luck. Fuse Powered Inc and Hothead Games recently released an officially licensed massive multiplayer game for Android which puts you right in the thick of things. With more than 96 missions to complete, you’ll be able to interact with some of Tony’s friends and associates, including  Manny, Elvira, Frank and Omar.  How high up the ranks will climb?

Press release, video, and and download links after the break.

Fuse Powered Launches Iconic Scarface Multiplayer Game on Android

TORONTO – Nov. 28, 2012 – Grab your friends — and your ‘little friends’ — and prepare to enter the mobile mob war, Tony Montana style! Mobile game publisher Fuse Powered Inc., in collaboration with Hothead Games and Universal Partnerships & Licensing, announces that its fan-favorite Scarface mobile game releases today on Android with full multiplayer functionality.

Scarface is such a cult-classic franchise with a huge fan-base so releasing the game on the largest mobile operating system — Android — was a well considered investment. With such an enormous potential player audience on Android, the social aspect of multiplayer was an extremely important feature in order to create a trueScarface experience,” said Jon Walsh, CEO of Fuse Powered. “We’re really excited to see how players build and protect their empires and more importantly, how they interact with each other.”

Players learn fast that the mob-based mobile title doesn’t stop when they leave the game. Players can attack other users at anytime if their defense is not strong enough. The ultimate test is how players retaliate against their enemies and work with their allies to protect their empire.

To help foster the multiplayer experience, Fuse Powered has created the new ScarfaceMultiplayer Forum, where players can swap Scarface IDs to build up their mafias ( The forum acts a community for players to share tips and strategies with one another, and gives players unprecedented access to news and special promotions.

The Scarface Multiplayer game on Android includes:

  • A Massively Multiplayer Mobile Game – attack and rob real players from around the world in real-time
  • Players can add friends to their mafia and boost their stats
  • Authentic voices and images from the iconic crime film, including all of Tony’s famous quotes
  • Interact with Tony’s famous friends and foes including Manny, Elvira, Frank and Omar
  • Complete more than 96 missions that take Tony from the streets to the top of a criminal empire
  • Players can custom build and expand their empire by choosing from dozens of businesses to own, upgrade and defend
  • Explore six different locations in and around the city of Miami including South Beach, Downtown and the Club District
  • Players can arm themselves with dozens of Tony’s ‘little friends’
  • Stunning visuals and a custom soundtrack help bring Miami circa 1980’s to life
  • Message Wall – Taunt other players and get them to fight by writing on their message wall
  • Skill Points – Get stronger by leveling up and gaining skill points
  • Enemies – Find other players to attack and rob for cash
  • Vault – Players can protect their hard “earned” cash from being stolen

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